Borneo Cultural Festival
from the 1st to 2nd weekend of July annually

No admission fees needed at this cultural & culinary extravaganza that spans more than a week in Sibu. From cultural shows to interactive displays where you can try your hand at traditional activities and from fun filled games to an endless selection of local foods, the BCF is a one-stop festival to sample the best of Central Sarawak.

The annual Borneo Cultural Festival hosted from the first to second weekend of July provides a rare one-stop opportunity for visitors to sample Sibu's varied cuisine and culture. With the support of the Government and the private sector the event spearheaded by the Sibu Municipal Council is fast gaining recognition as one of Sarawak's premier tourism event that transcends race and religious boundaries.

Kaul Festival
around April annually

This "Thanksgiving Beach Festival" centres around one of Borneo Sarawak's indigenous race – the Melanaus. Happening in Mukah, a three-hour ride from Sibu the road takes you through bumpy hilly terrain amidst a sea of green. With the event showcasing their rich seafaring tradition and exotic culture, visitors will find plenty to see, do and sample. Join in the games and try the Melanau version of the sushi and a host of other exotic foods. And don't forget to stay at the Lamin Dana, a boutique home stay experience.

Baleh – Kapit Raft Safari
around April annually

Held in the upper reaches of Kapit, a town nestled between majestic hills, the event welcomes tourists by creating a “special category” just for visitors. The four-day event starts with a pick up in Kapit, followed by a long boat ride to one of the longhouses in Borneo's rainforest. From them rafters begin their downriver adventure in a fun race to the finishing line at Kapit. Longhouse stay, great Iban company and a taste of nature and adventure make this one of the most popular event for tourists looking for a little soft adventure.

Chinese Lunar New Year
around January or February annually

The biggest event for the Chinese worldwide is celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Join a Chinese family as they prepare for the event. Let your senses be enveloped by the aroma of the reunion dinner, deafened by the fireworks display and lion dances, heightened by the laughter of children and generally let yourself go at this feel good event.

Muslim Eid Al-Fitr
ninth month of the Islamic calendar

Known locally as Hari Raya Puasa (Festival of Fast Breaking), the Muslims throw open their doors like the rest of Sarawak in any major festivals to all and sundry in what we call "Open House". Guests are treated like VIPs and served a variety of pastries and Malay delicacies. Other than these, the Hari Raya like the Lunar New Year and the Gawai Dayak, is also a great opportunity to see Malaysian hospitality and harmony at its best.

Harvest Festival
1-2 June annually

Join the Dayaks Sarawak, Borneo's majority ethnic race as they celebrate their Gawai Dayak, the Harvest Festival from 1st to 2nd June annually. But the best time to be there is a day or two before the festival at the various longhouses. This is when you will truly experience the preparation and the merry making. Learn how to dance the "ngajat", play the brass gongs, cook bamboo chicken, drink the potent rice wine and dress up as an Iban warrior. Merry making starts from sunset to sunrise.