The first thing you learn about Kapit and its upper reaches is that they are the final frontiers of moden comforts before the rainforest of Borneo takes over. It is not surprising then, that ancient fables of gargantuan serpents and mystical creatures take centerfold in this part of Sarawak.

skullWith the natives being the predominant population, Kapit is unmistakably tribal in outlook and nature. While the tiny hill locked town is concrete and populated by Chinese, Malays and other races, ten minutes away, longhouses and nature blends seamlessly into one another.

In fact, the common belief is that the jungle is waiting to “reclaim” the concrete part of Kapit and will do so without warning, the moment the human inhabitants let their guards down.

Kapit's tourism treasure lies in its longhouses and of course the middle scale jungle lodge at the Pelagus Rapids. Built almost entirely out of hardwood, the lodge hugs the steep slopes overlooking the rapids. A visitor once wrote in the log book ”...here, I found Borneo at last”

From jungle trekking to spearfishing and from shooting the rapids to hunting for small game, you are totally at one with nature. Seek out mushrooms that glow in the dark to ferns that you can stir fry and eat, or just lounge about the patio overlooking the majestic Rajang River, this is where nature and ancient fables come alive.



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